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Aci-Balance - MA-0575 

Herbal Product to relieve from Acidity 

Suffering from acidity? This is the most effective herbal product to relieve that discomfort.

Acid stomach? There's help!

Too many hot, spicy foods can spark excess digestive fire and too much stomach acid. Over time, this can knock digestion out of balance and lead to a variety of health problems. A quick fix from the drug store is no solution. The 17 herbs in Aci-Balance help reduce the heat caused by an imbalance in the digestive fire for short-term comfort and long-term results.

The herbs in Aci-Balance help:
     ·balance excess acid and digestive fire
     ·improve overall digestion
     ·help the body preserve the purity and vitality of nutrients
      from foods you eat.

Herbal Masterpiece

The herbs in Aci-Balance are combined in precise proportions
and prepared the traditional ayurvedic way. This improves bioavailabilty and assimilation of vital nutrients. It also creates synergy -- the collective benefit is much greater than isolated, individual herbs.
    · Indian Jalap has a special property of both cleansing and balancing digestion. We use          the rare white form of Indian Jalap which is non-toxic and very effective for this purpose
    · Clove, cardamom and ginger enhance digestion and are effective at quelling discomfort       in the stomach. Amla helps enhance digestion without heating the body, so it is ideal for        calming mild to moderate hyperacidity and other Pitta-related digestive problems.
    · Cabbage Rose is cooling and helps balance Pitta.


Herbal Recommendations Take one tablet twice daily just before lunch and dinner. For more lasting results, take regularly for 2-3 months.

60 Tablets (1000mg)  R 329.00

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