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Glucostat - MA-1407 (Diabetes)

High blood sugar? Overweight? 

Strengthen sugar and fat metabolism 

Too many sweet, heavy foods, long-term stress and lack of exercise can contribute to a sugar intolerance. The Glucostat herbal formula is a powerful combination of herbs that improves the body's natural ability to metabolize sugar.

NOTE: Not recommended if you have low blood-sugar

This formula:

* provides nutritional support for healthy blood glucose level
* supports body's healthy processing of carbohydrates
* helps balance/rejuvenate kidney function

The herbs in Gluocstat help these ayurvedic factors

- aid digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients
- help rejuvenate nerve cells in the legs
- strengthen kidney function
- flush out impurities
- balance your blood chemistry
- support normal functions that can be strained by poor sugar metabolism

Herbal Masterpiece

The herbs in all of the recommended formulas are combined in precise proportions and prepared in the traditional ayurvedic way. This improves the bioavailability of vital nutrients. It also creates synergy — the collective benefit is much greater than that of isolated, individual herbs.
  * Ashwagandha is one of the foremost herbs for balancing Vata and improving 
     nerve function.
  * Boerhavia(Punarnava) helps strengthen liver and kidney function.
 * Punarnava means "that which can make one new again."
It helps the body flush impurities for smooth operation of nephrons (kidney cells). It also supports the effect of Ashwagandha which enhances nerve function in the legs.

Ingredients:Boerhavia, Ashwagandha, Jambolana, Bael Tree, Mineral Pitch, Enicostema, Phyllanthus, Neem, Arjuna, Bitter Melon, Salsaradigan Herbal

Take one or two tablets twice a day with warm water. Take for at least three months, then continue regularly as needed.If possible, don't take on an empty stomach. Wait approximately an hour after meals. Maximum benefits will result when taken with meaningful changes in diet and daily routine.

Glucostat 30 Tablets   R 319 

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