with Maharishi Ayurveda

MA-0218 - Rasayana to make food more wholesome

Main uses:   ● Rasayana.
                       ● To increase energy.
                       ● Improve effectiveness of any other preparation
                           with which it is given.
                       ● Increases satmya (wholeness) in physiology
                       ● Makes food more wholesome. This aids in increasing
Ingredients: ● Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus.
Action:          ● Balances Prana - Udana - Vyana - Samana - Apana
                     - Rasa - Asthi - Majja - Shukra
General Tonic
                       ● Increases body's strength and stamina
                       ● Prevents spermaturia

Dose:             ● 1 Tablet (0.5 grams) twuce a day with milk and ghee (or water)
                     (Take  about 1/2 hour before meals in the morning and evening)

                               Dietary and behavioural suggestions:

Prefer light but rich food, milk, ghee, (clarified butter), yoghurt, butter, garlic,
eggs, mutton.
Avoid chillies, spicy and heavy food, hot things.
Avoid sleeplessness and excess sleep.
Avoid fasting and irregular food timings.
Avoid anger, fear and exessive thinking.
Enjoy light entertainment, good soothing music and light exercises.

Packaging:   60 Tablets of 0.5 grams

Price: R299

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