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Healthy Herbal Ayurvedic Drinks 

Teas, Almond Energy Drink & Raja's Cup Coffee Substitute

Teas Herbal - Use any of our six varieties to compliment your need. 

Vata Tea - Calming, relaxing and pleasant licourice taste.
R 89 for 20 teabags

Pitta Tea - Cooling -physically if over heating, emotionally if up-tight
R 89 for 20 teabags

Kapha Tea - Stimulating and energizing especially if feeling tired.
R 89 for 20 teabages                                            

Be Trim Tea - Useful for checking sugar cravings and keeping blood  sugar levels balanced

                       R108 for 20 teabags

Slumber Time Tea - Useful and effective for falling asleep at night.
                       R108 for 20 teabags

Worry Free Tea - Calming, relaxing also helpful during the day for
                       anxiety and stress

 for 20 teabags                

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Almond Energy Drink 

A Natural Super Food Health Drink 



An energizing herbal almond drink from an original Ayurvedic recipe, this powdered mix of blanched almonds, rare herbs & raw cane sugar combines with milk or water to make a delicious drink that the whole family will love.

It's a satisfying caffeine-free drink in hot milk. Enjoy it hot in the winter, cool in the summer, or as a natural flavoring in puddings or other desserts. Add to milk, juice, water or Raja's cup to make a nourishing beverage for adults or children. Read more.
Almond Energy Drink - 200gm - R119.00
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Raja's Cup Herbal Coffee Substitute 

Raja's Cup - Maharishi Ayurveda Herbal Coffee Substitute

Stychnos potatorum, Withania somnifera, Glycerrhiza glabra, Cassia occidentalis:

As a substitute for coffee and as an adjuvant in the treatment of all types of psychological, neurological and cardiological disorders.
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228gm Tin R169.00 
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