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Raja's Cup

Maharishi Ayurveda Herbal Coffee Substitute - Anti-Oxidant


As a substitute for coffee and as an adjuvant in the treatment of all types of psychological, neurological and cardiological disorders, this product has been found to be very useful.


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The preparation is a smooth stimulant for the nervous system and eases the anxiety. Unlike the conventional coffee it is devoid of toxic effects of caffiene. The prime ingredient, Stychnos potatorum, is known in Ayurveda for its nourishing effect on heart muscles. Withania somnifera and Glycerrhiza glabra ensures a smooth relaxant effect on both skeletal muscles and the nervous system.  In addition they are described as effective neurotropics. Cassia occidentalis improves the quality of digestion and ensures regular bowel movement

The preparation pacifies vitiated thridoshas simultaneously.

How to prepare it:

Put half a teaspoon in a glass and pour boiling water over it, or boil the coffee for 3-4 minutes. It can now be filtered, or use as it is, as the granules will settle to the bottom of the cup.

Raja's Cup is very economical; only one small teaspoon is needed for two cups of coffee. Milk and sugar an be added according to taste.
A minimum of two times per day brings a significant improvement in the physiology. More can be taken if desired.
Dr. Balraj Maharshi's Ayur-Vedic Coffee (Raja’s Cup):



Being aware of the harmful side effects of coffee in the world today, Maharishi once asked Dr. Balraj Maharshi to create a herbal coffee which will be able to satisfy people in their desire for normal coffee and in addition will have the good effect of another Heaven on Earth Rasayana.


Dr. Balraj Maharshi then selected different herbs and seeds from the Himalayan mountains, treated and roasted them in a special way and produced a wonderful beverage which smells and tastes like real coffee but has only good and balancing effects on mind and body. The general experience is that people feel more relaxed and happy after drinking this Ayur-Vedic coffee. The main effect is that it balances the three doshas simultaneously. If you feel dull, drowsy or tired, the coffee wakes you up and makes you more alert. If you feel excited it makes you more settled.     

Here are some first statements of European consumers:
"I feel the coffee has a direct influence on my brain functioning. It expands my mind which I experience".
"This coffee has a good influence on my physical system as a whole. I feel more enlivened, vital and strong".
"I noticed that my digestive process is enhanced and I feel that the acid is reduced in the stomach".
"Dr Chopra has tested Balraj' s coffee - It has no harmful effects of coffee. Coffee is"

Maharishi's comment:

"This Ayur-Vedic coffee is a great gift of nature. Another rasayana of Dr. Balraj Maharshi which will help to reduce the addiction to caffeine and bring better health to the people in the world. Coffee is the cause of many, many diseases - and now comes disease-free coffee . This is an item in the creation of Heaven on Earth - disease-free drinks. And soon, Ganges water will be available to everyone - all diseases will go away" 

Raja's Cup - Anti-oxidant coffee substit. 228gm - R159.00



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