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Weight Loss Program

Be Trim I - MA-1006

Be Trim II - MA1007


Balancing appetite & fat metabolism


Do you only need to look at food and you put on the kilos? According to Maharishi Ayurveda certain mind-body types have a natural disposition to gain weight. This herbal preparation helps balance appetite & fat metabolism for those with a normal appetite who gain weight easily.

  • Enhances burning of stored fat
  • Supports cleansing
  • Assists absorption of nutrients

Herbal Masterpiece

This potent formula of 15 herbs includes:Gymnema and Malabar which help balance fat metabolism and slow carbohydrate absorption.Guggul which supports fat metabolism and helps balance cholesterol production.Zinc Bhasma which supports fat metabolism.Tinospora, sarsaparilla, nutgrass and cumin to help boost digestion and assimilation

NOTE: Do not take along with Radiant Skin - MA926, Elim Tox - MA1010 or MA-1000

Be Trim I - 60 Tablets 500mg - R169.00

Be Trim II - 60 Tablets 500mg - R289.00

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