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Genitrac -MA-0002 Tablets - 

(Urinary Tract Infection) 

 Maharishi Ayurvedic Herbal Food Supplement/Remedy

What causes UTI? (Unirary Tract Infection)

When the urinary tractisn’t functioning properly, toxins accumulate, breeding bacteria and infection.Infection breeds more toxins, further impeding urination. Unfortunately,treating UTI with antibiotics kills the body’s helpful bacteria, making the bodymore prone to the next infection. The best cure is to prevent infection in thefirst place.

Genitrac helps strengthen the entire genitourinary tract. It is designed to cleanse away years of accumulated waste products, toxins and residues in order to restore balance to the kidneys,urethra, ureters and bladder. Besides cleansing the urinary system, Genitrac boosts digestion, preventing digestive toxins from building up. And it nourishes the body’s tissues, to improve resistance to infection. With only three ways to eliminate toxins from your body (urine, sweat and stool), your health depends on healthy urinary function.

Tips for Keeping the Genitourinary Tract in Balance

*  Urinate when you feel the need. Avoid holding in urine.
*  Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.
*  Eat sweet, juicy fruits (daily if possible).
*  Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol, and stay away from spicy foods.
*  Avoid exposure to cigarettes, chemicals, water and air pollution, and           other 
environmental toxins.
*  Women should wipe from the front to the back after using the restroom.     This 
helps to prevent bacteria from the colon from entering the bladder.
*  Cleanse the genital area before sexual intercourse. Urinating after               sexual 
intercourse can also help avoid infection.     
*  Avoid bubble baths, feminine hygiene sprays and scented douches.             These can 
irritate the urethra.     
*  Avoid eating foods that are old or contain preservatives and chemicals       — 
including leftovers, fermented foods, non-organic foods, canned             foods, and packaged foods. These overload the liver and make it less         effective in  screening out toxins.

*   Avoid cold drinks, which reduce the digestive fire.
*  Stress can upset the normal functions of the body. The Transcendental
     Meditation® program has been shown in over 600 scientific studies to        be the 
most highly effective technique for reducing both mental and            physical stress.      
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