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Heart Tonic Herbal Tablets MA-0229

Maharishi Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement
Heart Tonic 60 Tablets - R385
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Heart Tonic offers nutritional support for the cardiac muscle, helps cleanse the cardiovascular channels, and supports a healthy response to a high-stress lifestyle, impurities in the food, and electromagnetic exposure.

   • Supports healthy heart functioning during emotional challenges
   • Helps cleanse the cardiovascular channels

Ingredients: Terminalia arjuna, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Nardostachys jatamansi, Ipomoea digitata

Dose: 1 tablet (0.5 grams) twice a day with water or with milk and rock sugar. (Take about ½ hour before meals in the morning and evening).

Dietary and behavioural suggestion:

   • Prefer simple and light diet with less salt, spices and chillies. Use old          rice, green vegetables, fresh fruits.
   • Avoid heavy food, salt and root vegetables like potatoes, sweet                   Potatoes, etc.
   • Avoid physical and mental stress and strain.
   • Practise Transcendental Meditation

Tips for a Healthy Heart:

   • Avoid spending excessive amounts of time watching TV,
     performing mental work or working late at night.
   • Make it a point to get deep sleep each night. Early to bed and early to        rise.
   • Follow a vegetarian diet for heart health.
   • Eat organic, fresh foods. Avoid rich foods that are high in fat.
   • Eat in a settled, quiet atmosphere.
   • Eat home-cooked meals as much as possible. Avoid fast-food                      restaurants.
   • Avoid coffee and carbonated beverages. Caffeine may increase your          blood pressure.
   • Make sure you get enough exercise every day. According to Maharishi
     Ayurveda, exercise increases heart strength, depletes excess fat and
     brings a feeling of lightness to the body.
   • Create a home environment that is pleasing and restful to the senses.
   • Avoid emotional confrontations. Nurture your heart with love and              affection.
   • Avoid anger, pressured work habits, and worrying. Use mild rather            than pungent spices in your food.
   • If you’re under stress, practice the
Transcendental Meditation

Packaging: 60 Herbal Tablets of 500mg - R385.00

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