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The word Pancha means five, and karma means action. Panchakarma therefore means five actions of purification.

The Panchakarma Clinic held twice a year in the Drakensberg Mountains near Champaign Castel, is the experience of a life time. It's the Royal Road to Rejuvenation and perfect health. It's an absolute MUST for anyone interested in detoxifying and purifying the body, the building it up again in this superb environment.

The processes of purification, detoxification and revitalization is all based on the Ancient Ayurvedic principles revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The benefits are astounding and long lasting.

To find out more about these amazing treatments please contact us so we can send you further information regarding these approaches to maintaining a well balanced life style and excellent health.

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You can also visit the USA website for their clinic, which will give you a greater understanding of how Panchakarma works:

The Raj



Murray Short, New Zealand


Vaidyacharya Dr Raju and the Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital, Shalimar Bagh (west) in Delhi, India guided me to a normal life, and steered me away from some pitfalls of modern allopathic medicine.

They conducted the Ayurveda programme side-by-side with the (much reduced) allopathic drug regime of a cardiologist.

In addition to Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi programme the treatment administered by Dr Raju included Ayurvedic medicines, advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, and Panchakarma (modified for heart patients) comprising:   

   * Abyanga: herbalised oil massage   
   * Takadara: buttermilk is poured on the forehead   
   * Hiradaya Basti: pooling warm, herbalised oil on heart and stomach             regions.

The treatment was given to me daily, after I left an allopathic hospital. I changed hospital, and, later on, changed cardiologist also, after consultation with Dr Raju, and friends, following a series of shocks on discovering what the allopathic system was doing to me.

What shocked me most ... 

**  The cardiologist refused to modify the drug regime that he had prescribed (even after having been requested to do so on several occasions) and failed to recognise that the drugs were not suited to my physiology, and had resulted in a deterioration of my condition (This deterioration he had, himself, acknowledged.)

I then changed to a new cardiologist who replaced all of the drugs with new ones, with reduced dosages, after notifying me that I was near total collapse, and said that I would then recover in 2 to 3 days. He proved to be right.

The first cardiologist had prescribed early triple vessel bi-pass surgery, and implied that my refusal to follow this advice was the cause of the above deterioration. This was clearly incorrect. He did not draw attention to the risks involved in such an operation, and made light of them when I raised the matter.

Shortly after the heart attack, and after hospital testing was completed, eight cardiologists were consulted. Seven of them recommended surgery. (The last felt that surgery could be avoided.) I chose natural therapy, together with drugs, instead.

Six months later four cardiologists were consulted, and all advised that surgery was no longer necessary. Therefore the risks of surgery had been averted.

** The allopathic hospital was aware of the efficacy of some natural approaches for heart conditions, e.g. certain vegetable juices and other dietary remedies, but failed to mention, or supply them to heart patients.

** E.E.C.P.  External Enhanced Counter Pulsation.

This new treatment was strongly recommended by the allopathic hospital, but my new cardiologist, aware of the benefits available through Maharishi Ayurveda,  advised that the natural treatment of abyanga was far superior. (I had already commenced abyanga, on the recommendation of Dr Raju.)

** Collaterals. After three months of Maharishi Ayurveda treatment my old cardiologist (on an out-patient basis) announced that collaterals (small, auxilliary blood vessels) had recently opened up, and strengthened. (My heart had created its own natural bi-pass, which was also what Dr Raju had told me.) Some other doctors, friends of mine, then told me that this "puts paid to surgery."

My new cardiologist, and Dr Raju also, explained that, in fact, some collaterals had been there for a long time, and this was the reason why I had survived the massive heart attack in the first place. It was also a major reason why surgery was unnecessary - even at the outset.  

This seemed very logical to me considering that the angiography report had showed 10 blockages in my arteries, including 1 of 100%, 2 of 90%, 2 of 80%, and severe Left Ventrical dysfunction - yet an Ejection Fraction of 35%. (Three echocardiography tests, spaning 7 months, even recorded the E.F at 42%.)  

My logic was that the performance of the arteries must have been supplemented - throughout. From my health levels now I am convinced that, in addition to collaterals having opened, blockages have diminished considerably - even eliminated completely.  
The dark shadow of a "bed, bathroom and chair" life for me, predicted by the old cardiologist, has now disappeared, and I experience good energy levels,stability and confidence, with a near to normal life. I was the fourth member of my immediate family  to have suffered such an attack, and the only one to have survived. Many, who have known me for a long time, say that they have never seen me look so well. I attribute this to the wisdom and skill of Dr Raju, to Maharishi Ayurveda, and to Maharishi-Ji who has brought this knowledge to the world. I am eternally grateful to them. Dr Raju, also Mrs Raju, have given me encouragement and upliftment throughout, and I am convinced that they are functioning from the highest levels of consciousness, knowledge and skill.  

Eight months after the heart attack, and when all risks had gone, I left New Delhi and flew to New Zealand in order to derive the benefit of further strengthening in the laws of nature of my own country. I was invited to stay in the perfectly aligned Maharishi Stahpatya-Ved home of Gaynor and Neil Hamill, in a room ideally positioned for fast recovery. (Neil has since been appointed by Maharishi as the leading authority on Stahpatya-Ved for the Southern Hemisphere.) I immediately noticed the powerful silences in this special home, ideal for convalescence.  

I telephoned Dr Raju two months later. He said to me that the blockages had all definitely gone. When I told him that I was due to see a cardiologist soon, to gain clearance to drive a motor car, he said that he would "get a surprise."  

Dr Raju was right. The cardiologist conducted a Bruce Protocol ("treadmill") test on me, expressed surprise at the favourable results, writing to the authorities that I had done "very well" and that, on that day, "there were no clinical signs of heart failure." I was granted the driver's licence.  

By this time I was walking for about 50 minutes each day, at approx. 3kms per hour. Both of the Hamills commented that they were noticing progress in me on a day-by-day basis. I began to include some hills in my walking. I was noticing much softness, mellowness about the heart - not the tightness and heaviness that characterised my heart prior to the attack.

At the time of writing I can report that occasionally I walk for two or three hours, and sometimes at a pace of 4kms per hour. I do not experience any heart pain, or even faint symptom, while walking.  

When, six months ago, my cardiologist told me that clearance of my blockages was "impossible" I thought back to Dr Raju's advice, a few months before, that they had all gone. My experiences above seemed to vindicate what Dr Raju had said to me. Short of another (risky) cardiogram test, I feel that I can corroberate what a doctor friend of mine himself had observed: Both he, and I, have never known Dr Raju to be wrong.  

Murray H. Short   New Zealand   January, 2008  

DISCLAIMER:   This testimonial is for general information purposes only and does not constitute medical or other professional advice on any subject matter.  I do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in the testimonial. For the avoidance of any doubt  I hereby explicitly state that I do not make any claim as to the safety or efficacy of the herbs or treatment  provided by Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital. Some references made may lead to websites, including those operated and maintained by third parties. I include these links and references solely as a convenience to you, and the presence of such a link does not imply a responsibility for the linked site or an endorsement of the linked site, its operator, or its contents. This testimonial and its contents are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including fitness for a particular purpose.   Murray Herbert Short                               


                                                      — PRESS RELEASE —

Banned PCBs and Agrochemicals in Blood Reduced 50 Percent By Centuries-Old Detoxification Procedure, Study Shows


The issue of possible human health effects of persistent organochlorine substances is an ongoing concern and area of important scientific investigation. This report has implications for the mobilization of and clearance of persistent fat-soluble xenobiotics and could serve as a stepping-stone towards randomized controlled trials on the efficacy of these methods.

— Laurence Fuortes, M.D., Professor, College of Public Health, University of Iowa


Toxic occupational and agricultural chemicals that are stored in the body—and known to cause disease—can be significantly reduced by an Ayurvedic detoxification procedure, according to a report released today.

The study, published in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, found that a centuries-old purification procedure derived from the Ayurvedic medical system of India reduced several fat-soluble toxicants by about 50 percent.

“This is the first published study on humans to demonstrate that a specific detoxification regimen can significantly reduce levels of lipophilic toxicants in the blood that are known to be associated with disease,” says Robert Herron, Ph.D., lead author of the study and Director of Research at the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Comparisons

The study consisted of two parts: cross-sectional comparison and longitudinal pre- & post-treatment.

Eighty-eight subjects, age 45 years and older, participated in the cross-sectional study: 48 had previously undergone the detoxification procedure an average of 18 times and 40 had not. Blood samples from both groups were sent to the Analytical Laboratory in the Department of Environ-mental Health at Colorado State University that was blind to the treatment status of the subjects.

PCB’s and Pesticides Found in Blood Samples

Blood samples from both cross-sectional groups were assayed for 17 lipophilic toxicants, including 9 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners and 8 pesticides and metabolites, such as DDE, a by-product of DDT. The specific PCBs and pesticides that were studied either had been previously linked to major health problems or have been of high concern for their potential toxicity.

The results showed blood levels of PCBs and several pesticides were significantly lower in the detoxification group than in the controls.


Page 2, Blood Toxicants Reduced by Ayurvedic Purification Procedure

Herron says that lipophilic toxicants are generally considered to be among the most problematic environmental contaminants and many of them have been banned in the U.S. for decades. Because of their fat-soluble nature and their long half-lives, they tend to accumulate in plants and animals and bio-magnify up the food chain, increasing in humans with age. Previous studies show that these toxicants have been associated with hormone disruption, immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, several types of cancer, and other diseases.

Lipophil-mediated Detoxification Procedure

In the longitudinal study, blood samples from 15 subjects who participated in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (MVAH) Ayurvedic detoxification procedure were assayed, pre- and post-treatment, by CSU’s Analytical Laboratory.

Ayurveda dates back thousands of years in India and is recognized by the World Health Organization as a complete system of natural medicine. However, due to several foreign invasions over the centuries, it has been slowly, but substantially altered. Starting in 1984, Ayurveda was restored and standardized in accordance with the classical texts of India under the direction of a leading Vedic scholar, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Maharishi University of Management and world-renowned for introducing the Transcendental Meditation® technique.

Striking Reductions in PCBs and Beta-HCH Levels

The results of the two-month longitudinal study showed that PCBs and Beta-HCH levels were reduced by 46 percent and 58 percent respectively in the MVAH detoxification group. Without this intervention, the expected drop in PCBs and Beta-HCH over two months would be only a fraction of one percent. Previously, no method had been scientifically verified to reduce levels of these lipid-soluble toxicants in the human body without causing negative side effects.How Lipophil-mediated Detoxification May Work

Lipophilic toxicants are stored in lipids, or fats, in the body, and are fat-soluble in nature. Several modalities in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health detoxification procedure use non-toxic, lipophilic materials, such as clarified butter in the oleation phase and herbalized sesame oil in the massage and enema treatments. These traditional methods are believed to sequentially loosen and remove lipid soluble toxicants from their deposited sites and stimulate their excretion.

“Our findings were quite striking, given that the half-lives of these toxicants are all several years in duration, and that this comprehensive detoxification procedure removed them in just a few days.” says Herron. PCBs and Pesticide Levels Still High

Herron says an alarming finding of the study was that PCB and DDE levels appear to be unexpectedly high in the general population, and may actually be increasing.

“These toxicants were banned decades ago and were assumed to be declining to negligible levels in the U.S. population. Our findings, however, suggest that they are still entering the food chain and appear to be increasing in humans. One possible explanation is that produce imported to the U.S. from Mexico and Latin America may contain banned toxicants since these hazardous chemicals are still widely used for agriculture in those countries,” says Herron.

Reference: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, (Sept./Oct. 2002), Vol. 8, No. 5: pp. 40–51.

Received 11 September, 2002

Dr. Robert Herron's newly published research on the purifying  effects of "panchakarma" therapy was carried on a nationally syndicated health radio program this morning. You can listen to a replay of this morning's interview with Dr. Herron on the "Deborah Ray Show" by going to the program's website http://www.healthytalkradio.comand then click on the LISTEN button in the left column. Then click on "TUESDAY" to listen online to the archived show containing Dr. Herron's interview. Fast forward to 1:12 (one hour and twelve minutes) in order to start at the beginning of Dr. Herron's interview. His interview lasts for 39 minutes. News reports of Dr. Herron's research are beginning to be published in newspapers throughout the US. You may wish to send the attached press release to your newspaper's environmental writers.

Jai Guru Dev

Mario Orsatti
Media Office
Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy
Maharishi University of Management

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