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Liewe Ansie: 

Dis maar net a briefie of nogmals baie, baie dankie te se vir al jou behulpsaamheid en advies.  Ek is tog Engelsprekend maar ek geniet dit baie om Afrikaans te praat, so moet nie bekommerd wees oor die voute nie, dit kom van a goeie plek! 

I said I would write a little about what Amrit Kalash has done for me;  

A few months ago I was given the name of the product by my aunt who was going thru chemo theraphy and was using it herself.  I was recovering from a serious illness, quite similar in effect to chemo, suffering from a combination of near fatal liver/kidney toxicity, almost causing organ failure, brain damage, together with hyper-thyroid, high b/p and problems with epilepsy.   Having been in ICU and hi-care for a while and then a long recovery, I held out little hope for normalizing my day to day activities.  I was on life sustaining medication which has serious side effectives, including nausea, dizziness, vomiting, disorientation and the like.  Loss of appetite and general listlessness and no energy or life-force was generally how I could describe my feelings on a daily basis.  I could not work.  Then my aunt recommended that I try Amrit Kalash. 

It took two days to get used to the taste and after that,  it tasted like nectar to me.  I could not do without it.  After the first week I felt my strength come back, almost as if my body was responding to life around it. There was a buzz in my veins.  The constant dizziness left me and I could even go shopping again; eat in restaurants without vomiting.  I could walk without a stick and after 1 month, I could walk without assistance.  Now I go shopping alone.  I can do most things unaided.  I can even exercise twice a day.  I cook, I clean the house, I fetch and carry and I run a normal day and I something forget that I’m on life sustaining medication! 

I am never without my Amrit Kalash.  I once ran out of my supply for a few days and the difference was scary.  So I know that my body responds positively to the therapy, it makes me feel well and it balances whatever side-effects I suffer from the medication, and I will continue to use it for as long as my body directs me to use it.  Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful product.  It is an elixir like no other!  A beautiful, delicious, refreshing, drink that heals as it strengthens.    By the way, I have visibly improved.  I get comments from everyone that dark, unsightly blotches have disappeared from my face, that I am glowing, that I move like a ‘normal’ person and they don’t know why!!  I have also started to work again!  

I hope that the world may discover this and all the other wonderful products you may have so as to bring about healing to its nations.  Thank you for your help and support.  Thank you also for your generosity of spirit and for the good work you do, I always feel good after having talked with you on the phone.  

In love and light, may Peace profound be with you always.  Please let me know if you need anything further.  

Ronnie Kahn
Cell: 082 560 9114
Tel: 011 474 5998

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