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Weight Loss and Management for Kapha related problems

The problem with most weight control programs is that they focus on suppressing the appetite.  This actually has the effect of slowing down fat metabolism.  And, if your body doesn't assimilate fat and carbohydrates effectively, fat and impurities will accumulate and end up as excess weight.  

Fat Metabolism is the Key. 

The Be Trim System gets to the root of the problem by balancing fat and carbohydrate metabolism to help your body:  

*  Break down your stores of fat, so you'll have more energy.
*  Slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, so you don't crave sweets and
*  Maintain a good appetite, so you absorb the nutrients you need to stay healthy
    and balanced.
*  Cook with our churna seasoning to help balance your diet.
*  Drink Be Trim™ Tea to satisfy food cravings without making you feel jittery.
*  Give yourself a dry massage with the Silk Garshan Gloves to gently improve
    circulation and break down cellulite.
*  Follow the diet and lifestyle recommendations for the Be Trim System.

Dietary Recommendations:

-  At meals, only eat until you are about 3/4 full.
-  Reduce heavy foods such as red meat, leftovers and deep-fried food.
-  Favor light, nutritious foods. 
-  Fill up on sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables.
-  Add barley soup and mung bean soup to your diet.
-  Cook with fennel, cumin and turmeric or the churnas.
-  Avoid cold drinks and food. Be sure to eat sweet, juicy fruits (daily is highly

Lifestyle Recommendations:

*  Exercise regularly, but moderately.
*  Don't divide your attention by reading, working or watching TV while you are
*  Savor your meals.
*  Avoid day sleep.  

Here are two discussions of weight management systems offered by Maharishi Ayurveda:  

Kapha-Related Weight Imbalance

"The first type of overweight imbalance is due to a lack of digestive fire (low agni) and lack of metabolism.  These individuals, even though they may eat very small amounts of food, tend to gain weight.  This type of person seems to gain weight just by being around food. 

Two things are occurring with this type of imbalance; digestive impurities are being created and fat tissue is accumulating in the body.  Also, the formation of bone tissue is slowed down due to increase of fat tissue.  This is a very common weight problem and the solution is to follow an ama (toxins) burning program".   \

You can enhance the elimination of ama (toxins) by taking Be Trim Tea

The following are very practical, general recommendations regarding weight management:  

* Limit fat intake to 2 teaspoons of Ghee or olive oil per day (1 teaspoon at
   lunch and 1 teaspoon at dinner).  
* For lunch and dinner, eat 50% vegetables, 20% power grains such as quinoa,
   whole barley, oats, millet, or amaranth, and 30% protein, such as lentils, paneer
   (fresh cheese), and nuts.  
* Two (2) cups of hot or warm milk a day are recommended, and a small cup of
   lassi at lunch to help with vitamin B-12 if you are a vegetarian and to help
   balance Sadhaka Pitta.  
* Barley water or kanji water is recommended during the day to help cleanse the
   system, give energy, and help with hunger.  
* Avoid cold beverages, aged cheese, potatoes, yeasted breads, butter, cookies,
   cakes, ice cream, chocolates, deep fried foods, and cream sauces and reduce
   your intake of rice.  
* For breakfast, eat stewed apples and/or pears.  
* Do not skip meals.  
* Eat your largest meal at lunch and have a smaller dinner eaten before 7 p.m. 
* Do not eat anything after 8 p.m.  

The Maharishi Ayurveda weight management system gets to the root of the problem by balancing fat and carbohydrate metabolism to help your body break down your stores of fat, so you'll have more energy; slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, so you don't crave sweets and overeat; and maintain a good appetite, and so you absorb the nutrients you need to stay healthy and balanced.  

Patience is also one of the key factors that should be included in this program.  This is not a fast method to shed pounds but a holistic approach from which you will see satisfying results gradually.  Once the digestive fire is strong and the metabolic processes are balanced, then you can enjoy a little more flexibility with your diet.  

Water Weight Loss Question:

Question: For someone who wants to lose weight, is it good to drink lots of water with food to fill up the stomach and, as a result, eat less?  -S.L., Palo Alto, CA  

The amount of water you drink with food depends on the type of food you are eating.  According to ayurveda, as a general rule, it is not recommended that you drink a large amount of water with a meal.  If you drink a lot of water, you dampen the digestive fire or agni and increase the possibility of creating ama or toxins in your system that are a consequence of improperly digested food.  

Charaka suggests in his ancient treatise on ayurveda that you take a little sip of water after every four or five bites. 

However, as I said at the beginning, the type of food you are eating makes a difference to the quantity of water you should drink.  For example, if you are having a meal that consists mainly of liquid foods like soups, you probably don't need any additional water.  If you are eating mainly dry foods, like crackers, a little water will help lubricate the system.   If you are eating lots of hot, spicy foods such as chili peppers, such foods tend to increase digestive agni, so a little water helps restore balance.  Deep-fried foods need extra-high agni for proper breakdown, so lots of water should be avoided, especially if it is cold.  If you need to drink water with heavy foods, it is better to choose lukewarm water, in very moderate quantity.  

Be Trim 1 (MA1006)

Balancing appetite & fat metabolism

Do you only need to look at food and you put on the kilos?

According to Maharishi Ayurveda certain mind-body types have a natural disposition to gain weight.

This herbal preparation helps balance appetite & fat metabolism for those with a normal appetite who gain weight easily:

- Enhances burning of stored fat
- Supports cleansingAssists absorption of nutrients

Herbal Masterpiece

This potent formula of 15 herbs includes:

- Gymnema and Malabar which help balance fat metabolism and slow carbohydrate
- Guggul which supports fat metabolism and helps balance cholesterol production
- Zinc Bhasma which supports fat metabolism
- Tinospora, sarsaparilla, nutgrass and cumin to help boost digestion and


Do not take along with Radiant Skin (MA926), Elim Tox (MA1010) or MA1000

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